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Proceedings International Symposium: The Global Solidarity Crisis

 Pengarang: Editor : Agustinus Ryadi  Penerbit: Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya  ISBN: Proses pengajuan ISBN  Halaman: 189  Negara: Indonesia  Bahasa: Bahasa Inggris  Dimension: 15,5 x 23,5 cm

The Faculty of Philosophy, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, is committed
to organize a symposium once every two years. This symposium, entitled “The Global Solidarity Crisis”, is the first ever symposium at an international level, and is held in two days (April 22-23, 2022) via Zoom. We at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Widya Mandala Surabaya
Catholic University have thought that it would be quite enlightening to have an international symposium in order to take a look at the various issues related to this interlaced global situation and to determine how important global solidarity crisis is at this specific moment in human history The symposium brought together scholars from France, India, Indonesian, the
Philippines, and Spain from the disciplines of philosophy, anthropology, education, economics, and the culture realm. It aimed at facilitating a multi-disciplinary and intercultural dialogue and a critical deliberation on the global solidarity crisis. The organizers of this symposium are convinced that successful dialogue on these issues is a precondition for world collaboration to provide solutions to the global solidarity crisis.
At first, the committee planned to organize the incoming papers into seven issues: health
and medical research, business and economics, socio-political, educational, socio cultural,
ethical and anthropological, and a topic for global and local discourse. However, based on the
actual papers submitted, they were instead organized into four issues to suit the purpose of this proceeding, namely anthropology, education, truth – media – communications, and economics There are seven papers under anthropology, three under education, two under truth, media, and communication, and lastly, three papers under economics.
The first day of the symposium (April 22, 2022) was attended by more than 56 participants. After registration and welcome speech by the Rector of the Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, and the Chairman of the International Symposium, the event began with parallel sessions divided into themes namely education, socio-cultural issues, politics and economics, and ethics – anthropology. The day was ended with the plenary talk by the first invited speaker, Dr. RR. Siti Murtiningsih, followed by question and answer session. She reconsidered the relationship between virtual learning and multicultural education. However, despite its compatibility with multicultural education, virtual
learning offers both opportunities and challenges we need to bear in mind when we are going
to apply it.