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English is Easy

 Pengarang: Editor Prof. Anita Lie, Ed.D.; Astra Belinda, M.Pd.  Penerbit: Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya  Tahun: 2022  ISBN: Proses pengajuan ISBN  Halaman: 72  Negara: Indonesia  Bahasa: Bahasa Inggris  Dimension: 20,5 x 27,5 cm  File Size: Ebook  Tags: Proses ISBN |

This digital book was produced by students in Indonesia for students
anywhere. Targeted for senior high school students (Grade 10-12), this
book was a product of a research project with educators from Nepal,
Malaysia, India, and Indonesia aiming to investigate the impact of student
produced English Language teaching materials on their engagement of
learning the language and developing their intercultural competence.
We are grateful for the commitment and hard work of students and
their teachers who were involved in the project and managed to produce
this book. It is our hope that this book would benefit other students and
that this project would inspire other teachers to give more autonomy to
their students and involve them to develop their own learning materials.